There will be a mandatory on-stage dress rehearsal for most classes, followed by three 60-minute performances on Saturday, June 25th. The dress rehearsal will run from approximately 9:00am to 1:15pm, with the classes involved having a 30-minute window where they will be required to be at the theatre. Please arrive 30 minutes before your dancer’s dress rehearsal time.

You can also find your dancer’s dress rehearsal time(s) listed in the Class Details section in your Parent Portal.


  1. Acro 1 Sunday 9:00am: 9:00am
  2. Acro 1 Sunday 11:30am: 9:10am
  3. Tap 2 Thursday 5:00pm: 9:20am
  4. Musical Theatre 1 Sunday 10:45am: 9:25am
  5. Musical Theatre 1 Monday 5:15pm: 9:30am
  6. Musical Theatre 2 Sunday 11:30am: 9:40am
  7. Ballet 4 Saturday 1:00pm: 9:50am
  8. Accelerated B Ballet Thursday 5:15pm: 9:55am
  9. Hip Hop 2 Tuesday 6:45pm: 10:00am
  10. Acro 2 Sunday 10:15am: 10:05am
  11. Acro 2 Tuesday 5:15pm: 10:15am
  12. Modern 1 Tuesday 6:30pm: 10:25am
  13. Tap 3 Thursday 6:00pm: 10:30am
  14. Ballet 3 Saturday 1:00pm: 10:35am
  15. Ballet 3 Wednesday 6:30pm: 10:40am
  16. Lyrical 1 Saturday 11:45am: 10:45am
  17. Lyrical 1 Monday 4:15pm: 10:50am
  18. Jazz 3 Tuesday 7:45pm: 10:55am
  19. Lyrical 2 Thursday 5:00pm: 11:00am
  20. Jazz 2 Wednesday 5:00pm: 11:05am
  21. Musical Theatre 2 Monday 4:15pm: 11:10am
  22. Musical Theatre 3 Monday 7:30pm: 11:20am
  23. Hip Hop 2 Saturday 11:00am: 11:30am
  24. Hip Hop 3 Friday 5:00pm: 11:35am
  25. Hip Hop 3 Saturday 1:00pm: 11:40am
  26. Ballet 5 Saturday 10:30am: 11:45am
  27. Ballet 3 Thursday 4:15pm: 11:50am
  28. Ballet 5/6 Monday 6:00pm: 11:55am
  29. Ballet 6/7 Wednesday 6:45pm: 12:00pm
  30. Pointe 2 Wednesday 8:15pm: 12:05pm
  31. Accelerated A Ballet Monday 7:15pm: 12:10pm
  32. Musical Theatre 1 Wednesday 4:15pm: 12:15pm
  33. Ballet 4 Sunday 12:45pm: 12:20pm
  34. Acro 1 Sunday 1:00pm: 12:25pm
  35. Acro 1 Tuesday 4:15pm: 12:35pm
  36. Ballet 3 Tuesday 5:15pm: 12:45pm
  37. Ballet 4 Tuesday 4:15pm: 12:50pm
  38. Ballet 3 Saturday 12:00pm: 12:55pm
  39. Ballet 3 Monday 6:15pm: 1:00pm
  40. Ballet 3 Wednesday 4:15pm: 1:05pm
  41. Accelerated C Ballet Wednesday 5:15pm: 1:10pm
  42. Ballet 4 Monday 5:00pm: 1:15pm 


  1. Ballet 1 Saturday at 9:00am
  2. Ballet 1 Saturday at 10:10am
  3. Ballet 1 Saturday at 11:30am
  4. Ballet 1 Sunday at 10:10am
  5. Ballet 1 Tuesday at 4:15pm
  6. Ballet 1/2 Monday at 4:15pm
  7. Ballet 1/2 Thursday at 5:00pm
  8. Ballet 1/2 Thursday at 5:45pm
  9. Ballet 1/2 Tuesday at 6:15pm
  10. Ballet 2 Saturday at 9:45am
  11. Ballet 2 Saturday at 11:00am
  12. Ballet 2 Saturday at 12:15pm
  13. Ballet 2 Tuesday at 5:30pm
  14. Ballet 2 Sunday at 11:00am
  15. Jazz 1 Monday at 5:15pm
  16. Jazz 1 Thursday at 4:15pm
  17. Jazz 1 Saturday at 9:00am
  18. Hip Hop 1 Saturday at 10:00am
  19. Hip Hop 1 Saturday at 12:00pm
  20. Hip Hop 1 Wednesday 5:00pm
  21. Tap 1 Sunday at 12:00pm
  22. Tap 1 Thursday at 4:15pm

We decided to try having the above classes sit out from the dress rehearsal this year because we feel it makes the day too long for them and will not necessarily affect the outcome of their performances. They are going to be beautiful regardless and will be accompanied by their teacher or teaching assistant to ensure they feel confident on stage.


There will be 3 shows on Saturday, June 25th.

Showtimes will be Show 1: 2:30pm, Show 2: 4:30pm, and Show 3: 7:00pm, with each show running for approximately 60 minutes with no intermission.

Please find the classes that will perform in each show listed here.


SHOW 1 – 2:30PM

  1. Accelerated C Ballet Wednesday 5:15pm
  2. Ballet 1 Saturday 9:00am 
  3. Ballet 3 Wednesday 4:15pm 
  4. Jazz 1 Thursday 4:15pm 
  5. Ballet 1/2 Thursday 5:00pm 
  6. Ballet 4 Monday 5:00pm 
  7. Hip Hop 1 Saturday 10:00am 
  8. Acro 1 Tuesday 4:15pm 
  9. Ballet 1 Saturday 10:10am
  10. Ballet 3 Monday 6:15pm 
  11. Musical Theatre 1 Wednesday 4:15pm
  12. Guest Ballet Solo 
  13. Ballet 3 Saturday 12:00pm 
  14. Ballet 1 Saturday 11:30am 
  15. Ballet 3 Tuesday 5:15pm 
  16. Ballet 4 Tuesday 4:15pm 
  17. Ballet 1 Tuesday 4:15pm & Ballet 2 Tuesday 5:30pm 
  18. Jazz 1 Monday 5:15pm
  19. Ballet 1/2 Thursday 5:45pm 
  20. Acro 1 Sunday 1:00pm 
  21. Ballet 2 Saturday 11:00am 
  22. Ballet 4 Sunday 12:45pm 

SHOW 2 – 4:30PM

  1. Accelerated B Ballet Thursday 5:15pm    
  2. Hip Hop 1 Wednesday 5:00pm     
  3. Tap 1 Thursday 4:15pm     
  4. Ballet 2 Sunday 11:00am     
  5. Tap 2 Thursday 5:00pm     
  6. Jazz 1 Saturday 9:00am     
  7. Ballet 1 Sunday 10:10am     
  8. Musical Theatre 1 Monday 5:15pm     
  9. Tap 1 Sunday 12:00pm     
  10. Ballet 2 Saturday 9:45am     
  11. Acro 1 Sunday 11:30am    
  12. Guest Ballet Solo 
  13. Hip Hop 1 Saturday 12:00pm   
  14. Ballet 1/2 Tuesday 6:15pm   
  15. Ballet 1/2 Monday 4:15pm   
  16. Musical Theatre 1 Sunday 10:45am    
  17. Ballet 2 Saturday 12:15pm     
  18. Ballet 4 Saturday 1:00pm     
  19. Acro 1 Sunday 9:00am     
  20. Musical Theatre 2 Sunday 11:30am   
  21. Hip Hop 2 Tuesday 6:45pm     

SHOW 3 – 7:00PM

  1. Accelerated A Ballet Monday 7:15pm     
  2. Jazz 2 Wednesday 5:00pm    
  3. Lyrical 1 Saturday 11:45am    
  4. Hip Hop 2 Saturday 11:00am     
  5. Modern 1 Tuesday 6:30pm    
  6. Ballet 3 Saturday 1:00pm     
  7. Acro 2 Tuesday 5:15pm     
  8. Lyrical 1 Monday 4:15pm     
  9. Ballet 6/7 Wednesday 6:45pm     
  10. Hip Hop 3 Saturday 1:00pm     
  11. Ballet 5 Saturday 10:30am     
  12. Guest Ballet Solo 
  13. Musical Theatre 2 Monday 4:15pm    
  14. Ballet 5/6 Monday 6:00pm     
  15. Tap 3 Thursday 6:00pm     
  16. Ballet 3 Wednesday 6:30pm     
  17. Lyrical 2 Thursday 5:00pm     
  18. Ballet 3 Thursday 4:15pm     
  19. Acro 2 Sunday 10:15am     
  20. Jazz 3 Tuesday 7:45pm  
  21. Hip Hop 3 Friday 5:00pm     
  22. Musical Theatre 3 Monday 7:30pm   
  23. Pointe 2 Wednesday 8:15pm     


Show 1

  • Student Drop-Off 1:30pm
  • Lobby Doors Open 2:00pm
  • Show Starts 2:30pm

Show 2

  • Student Drop-Off 3:30pm
  • Lobby Doors Open 4:00pm
  • Show Starts 4:30pm

Show 3

  • Student Drop-Off 6:00pm
  • Lobby Doors Open 6:30pm
  • Show Starts 7:00pm


Each class has been assigned one of three dressing rooms based on the running order of the show. Please make note of which dressing room your child is in so you can navigate to the correct sign-in table on arrival. You may find the show running orders here. The dressing room assignments are as follows:
  • ODD numbers will sign in to Dressing Room A
  • EVEN numbers will sign in to Dressing Room B
  • Accelerated Ballet, Ballet 6/7, and Pointe 2 Dancers will sign in to Dressing Room C
**For example, if your child’s class is performing 3rd, they are in Dressing Room A, but if they are performing 6th, they are in Dressing Room B. If your dancer is in more than one number, please use their FIRST number to determine their dressing room assignment.**

Other drop-off details to note:

  • You no longer need to send your dancer with a water bottle. We will be providing water for everyone. One less thing to carry and one less item to potentially leave behind. 
  • Please don’t forget to check the ‘Class Details’ section of your Parent Portal for information on show times, dress rehearsal times, hairstyles, tights, shoes, etc. for each class that your dancer is in. All performers must arrive 30 minutes before their on-stage rehearsal time. 
  • If your child carries an EpiPen, please be sure it is clearly labelled with your child’s name and deliver it directly to the volunteer who will be supervising your child’s class during the show.
  • Before leaving your child backstage to take your seat in the auditorium, please take them to use the restroom one final time before the show. 
  • In an effort to simplify the pick-up procedure, we ask that you do not leave any of your child’s personal belongings in the dressing room before the show. When you leave the dressing room to take your seat in the auditorium, please take your child’s outdoor shoes and change of clothes (if they did not arrive at the theatre already in costume) with you. This will also help prevent items from being left behind.


  • **NEW** following the 2:30pm performance, you will be collecting your children from their class parents outside on the lawn behind the theatre.  Students will be lined up with their volunteers at pylons which have been numbered corresponding to their number in the show order. If your child performed in more than one dance, please use the number of their FIRST dance to locate them.
  • Following the 4:30pm & 7:00pm performances, you will be collecting your children from the same dressing room you dropped them off in.
  • Only the one parent who drops off their child and receives a wristband is permitted to pick them up from their class volunteer post-show.  


  • Performance tickets must be purchased online in advance. We will not be selling tickets at the theatre on show day. You do not need to print your tickets, simply have them ready on your phone to show the door staff upon entry.
  • Flowers for your dancer. Please collect your bouquets from the Leslieville Bundles table in the lobby BEFORE each show.
  • Costume(s)
  • Proper Hair, Dance Shoes & Tights (if required)—Please check the ‘Class Details’ in your Parent Portal for required hairstyles, tights, and shoes. Accessories will be given to dancers at the theatre. Click here to search for footwear requirements by class.
  • Food (please leave personal water bottles at home. Water will be provided for all performers).
    *If your dancer is in more than one number, we suggest having them bring a laundry basket to the theatre to use as their own personal “locker.” This will help them to contain and organize their belongings while in the crowded dressing rooms.


Tickets will go on sale Monday, May 2nd at noon. You will receive an email that morning with a link leading you to the ticket sales page. Tickets may also be purchased from a link that will be posted on the main page of our website. 


  • Children 2 and under are permitted to sit in laps and will not require a paid ticket. Tickets (at no cost) will still need to be issued for children 2 and under who will be sitting in laps, as we will need to account for them in our total headcount for fire safety reasons. If you would like your toddler to sit in a seat of their own, a child’s ticket must be purchased.
  • Children up to 11 years of age – $10.00
  • Guests 12 years and older – $20.00
  • Prices do not include HST or the $2 per-ticket processing fee charged by our ticketing provider.
  • Tickets will be emailed upon purchase.  Please have them ready to show on your phone upon entry to the theatre (they do not need to be printed).
  • If you will be attending multiple shows, you must purchase tickets for those shows.
  • Wherever possible, we have placed siblings and dancers who take multiple classes in the same show. However, it is impossible to accommodate all families.  If your dancer’s classes have been split between multiple shows, or your children are in more than one show, you will be given two complimentary tickets to the show(s) of your choice.  Please contact us to make arrangements and receive your complimentary tickets.
  • Parent Volunteers will not require a ticket.  If you purchase a ticket and then end up volunteering, the cost of your ticket will be refunded.
  • The theatre is wheelchair accessible and there are accessible spaces on the Orchestra level, which can be selected when purchasing tickets.
  • There will be stroller parking in the lobby. Strollers will not be permitted inside the theatre


Parent volunteers are critical to the safety of our dancers and their success at the year-end show.  Most classes will require 1-2 parent volunteers. Parent volunteers will be able to watch their children dance from backstage and will not require a ticket*.  Please contact us if you wish to volunteer.  The responsibilities of our parent volunteers are as follows:


  • Ensuring all dancers have arrived and are in the correct backstage changing area
  • Checking that costumes and footwear are performance-ready (drawstrings tucked in, hairpieces securely pinned, straps not twisted, etc.).
  • Making sure everyone has gone to the bathroom. There will be additional staff members on hand to assist with this, as you will not be able to leave your group.


  • Keeping your group together and quiet. There will be colouring supplies to help pass the time.
  • Once backstage, all dancers enter from Stage Right and exit Stage Left. This means that once they go out on stage, you will need to cross over to the other side of the stage to meet them after they dance.  There is a crossover at the back of the stage.


  • Bringing your class back to their changing area and not leaving the theatre until everyone in your group has been picked up.

If you are interested in being a parent volunteer on show day, your help would be greatly appreciated. To sign-up as a parent volunteer, please email us with the following information:
Cell Number
Email Address
Child’s Name and class you would like to volunteer for

*We will likely not finalize all of our parent volunteers before our ticket on-sale date, so if you purchase a ticket and then end up volunteering, the cost of your ticket will be refunded.


Please Note: this is not the show running order.  You can also find which show(s) your dancer is in listed under each enrolled class (Class Details) in your Parent Portal.

Choose your Dancer's Instructor


Show 1
  • Ballet 1 Saturday 10:10am
  • Ballet 1 Tuesday 4:15pm
  • Ballet 2 Tuesday 5:30pm
  • Ballet 2 Saturday 11:00am
  • Ballet 3 Monday 6:15pm
  • Jazz 1 Monday 5:15pm
  • Jazz 1 Thursday 4:15pm
Show 2
  • Hip Hop 1 Wednesday 5:00pm
  • Hip Hop 2 Tuesday 6:45pm
Show 3
  • Ballet 3 Wednesday 6:30pm
  • Jazz 3 Tuesday 7:45pm
  • Lyrical 1 Saturday 11:45am
  • Lyrical 1 Monday 4:15pm
  • Lyrical 2 Thursday 5:00pm



Show 1
  • Ballet 3 Tuesday 5:15pm
  • Ballet 4 Tuesday 4:15pm
Show 2
  • Ballet 1/2 Tuesday 6:15pm



Show 1
  • Ballet 4 Sunday 12:45pm
  • Musical Theatre 1 Wednesday 4:15pm
Show 2
  • Musical Theatre 1 Sunday 10:45am
  • Musical Theatre 1 Monday 5:15pm
  • Musical Theatre 2 Sunday 11:30am
Show 3
  • Jazz 2 Wednesday 5:00pm
  • Musical Theatre 2 Monday 4:15pm
  • Musical Theatre 3 Monday 7:30pm



Show 1
  • Ballet 1 Saturday 11:30am
  • Ballet 1/2 Thursday 5:00pm
  • Ballet 1/2 Thursday 5:45pm
Show 2
  • Ballet 1 Sunday 10:10am
  • Ballet 2 Saturday 12:15pm
  • Ballet 2 Sunday 11:00am
  • Tap 1 Sunday 12:00pm
  • Tap 1 Thursday 4:15pm
Show 3
  • Ballet 3 Saturday 1:00pm



Show 1
  • Acro 1 Sunday 1:00pm
  • Acro 1 Tuesday 4:15pm
Show 2
  • Acro 1 Sunday 9:00am
  • Acro 1 Sunday 11:30am
  • Tap 2 Thursday 5:00pm
Show 3
  • Acro 2 Sunday 10:15am
  • Acro 2 Tuesday 5:15pm
  • Modern 1 Tuesday 6:30pm
  • Tap 3 Thursday 6:00pm



Show 1
  • Accelerated C Ballet Wednesday 5:15pm
  • Ballet 3 Wednesday 4:15pm
  • Ballet 4 Monday 5:00pm
Show 2
  • Accelerated B Ballet + Conditioning Thursday 5:15pm
  • Ballet 1/2 Monday 4:15pm
Show 3
  • Accelerated A Ballet + Conditioning Monday 7:15pm
  • Ballet 3 Thursday 4:15pm
  • Ballet 5/6 Monday 6:00pm
  • Ballet 6/7 Wednesday 6:45pm



Show 1
  • Hip Hop 1 Saturday 10:00am
Show 2
  • Hip Hop 1 Saturday 12:00pm
  • Jazz 1 Saturday 9:00am
Show 3
  • Hip Hop 2 Saturday 11:00am
  • Hip Hop 3 Friday 5:00pm
  • Hip Hop 3 Saturday 1:00pm



Show 1
  • Ballet 1 Saturday 9:00am
  • Ballet 3 Saturday 12:00pm
Show 2
  • Ballet 2 Saturday 9:45am
  • Ballet 4 Saturday 1:00pm
Show 3
  • Ballet 5 Saturday 10:30am